Le Jeune OrientalPaul-François Quinsac


Charles Edward Perugini (1839-1918)
Girl Reading, 1870

Thomas Edwin Mostyn, Jewels


Scanned from Vanity Fair, May 1970. Photographed by John Kelly at Wightwick Manor. Dress by Simon Massey. Photographed against a Burne Jones tapestry. 


Edward John Poynter ‘Lesbia and the Sparrows’ 1877


Lady of Shalott, John William Waterhouse (1888)

It’s actually a detail of God speed by Edmund Blair Leighton. It’s a beautiful picture, but why the wrong description?


'Study of Jane Morris Reclining'(1870). Graphite on paper by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828–1882).

Image and text courtesy MFA Boston.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Regina Cordium


With Violets Wreathed and Robe of Saffron Hue, by John William Godward (1902)

Dear followers,

As you may have noticed, I do not post so much these days. I still love sharing art with you, reading things and discovering new pieces through tumblr, but I can not find the time to make these post.

Things have been difficult for me these past few months and although some bits of my life are pretty good now, other parts are still waiting to be changed, in a way. I’ve got a grown-up job now, and it’s actually pretty fun. I’d never thought I’d end up working in the botanical collection at the natural history museum, but hey, it’s great! It also means less spare time, but that’s okay, for now.

Hope you’ll understand. I’m not abandoning this blog, I’m just not posting as much as I used to.